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Pea Coats

What is a men's peacoat? A comfortable short and double-breasted coat for winter. Find here the peacoat that you are looking for. Pea jackets give a more casual look to your outfit. Add this winter garment to your wardrobe: choose fabric and color, insert your measurement and get a made to measure peacoat. Choose your men's pea coat from our collection or design your pea coat online from scratch.

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The Pea Coat Guide

The pea coat is one of the most stylish jackets that a man can wear. It has maintained popularity for centuries, since being introduced in the 1800s. The design and fit has slightly changed over time to match modern trends, making it a flattering favorite among men around the world. It’s a style you’ll continually see every fall and winter due to its versatile design and weight. You can start using it as a light layer over a shirt or thin sweater during the fall or the beginning of spring, and add heavier knits once the temperatures continue to drop throughout the winter. There are seemingly endless styling and color options when it comes to the pea coat, so we’ve put together this guide to help give you some options.

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Are Pea Coats in style?

Are pea coats in style? Yes man, they are! With fall at hand and winter promising to take in the reins, you cannot be better prepared to look fashionable and stylish this season if you do not have a pea coat or two in your wardrobe. Men pea coats come in so many colors and styles that you can...

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