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Choose your own men's business suit and we tailor it made to measure. Remember that all our business suits are made to order so you can add all details you want. Impress your boss and co-workers by wearing one of our recommended classic business suits at the office. Look dapper and smart at the same time! Keep a professional appearance. Get free shipping on all our business suits. Design your Business Suit in our 3D suits configurator. Design your Business Suit.

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Custom Suits

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11 Tips How to Wear a Suit

There are some official rules about perfect fitting suits. But there are also some insider tips, only a few are aware of. Here are our top 12 unspoken rules of how your suit should look while wearing:

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How to Measure for a Suit [Take Men Body Measurements]

How to measure yourself - Are you still not sure how to read a tape measure and how to measure waist, hips, chest and shoulder width? Then, it is time to read and watch our "How to Measure Yourself" Guide. All you need is a friend, a tap measure, and a few minutes.

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