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3 Piece Suits

Made-to-measure three-piece suit: jacket, vest, and pants. Choose fabric, color, and style. The 3 piece suit you are looking for is waiting for you. Three-piece suits are made for formal occasions. Find your complete vested suit in this collection or design your own 3p suit.

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Custom Suits

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How to Dress like a Peaky Blinder

Vintage Tweed Suits, checkered Pattern, Heavy wool dark Coats and penny collar shirts. To dress like the guys from Peaky Blinders is classic and timeless. Get inspired by our Peaky Blinders apparel and get your own Peaky Blinders look. 1920s Outfits are super trendy. Wear the look of Peaky Blinder at a wedding or the next party.

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15 Suit Rules Every Man Needs to Know

You will look even more dapper after reading these suit rules. promise. The top button of a two-button, or the middle button of a three-button, jacket should fall right above the navel. General speaking, wide lapels are more old fashioned and thin ones are more modern. None of them are...

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