Tailored White Dress Shirts

Men's White Dress Shirts are the start point for any men wardrobe. You can build your entire style from this piece. And if they are Hockerty white dress shirts you will own made to measure shirts that will fit you perfectly. Take a look at all the different white shirt fabrics that we offer you

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Custom Dress Shirts
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Our approach to fashion brings together the convenience of online shopping and the experience of having custom made clothes. This allows us to offer you a great product at the best price through a touchless experience.

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How to iron a dress shirt

No matter how dapper you look, a wrinkled dress shirt can break even the best of outfits. Unless you belong to the lucky ones that bring their dress shirts to a cleaning service and have someone iron them for you, you will have to bear with this task. It can seem tricky to begin with, but with some proper know-how from Hockerty on how to iron a dress shirt, you will master this skill easily. Therefore, it is time to play your favorite music and let’s get started!

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