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The Black Tuxedo is the essential piece of formal black-tie attire. Nothing can go wrong with a men's black tux. Just remember wearing it with the right white tuxedo shirt (a cufflinks shirt of course), cummerbund and the appropriate tuxedo shoes. All our black tuxedos are 100% made to measure, add any details you want to them.

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What Does Black Tie Actually Mean?

You receive an invitation to a formal event. You see on the invite is says ‘Black Tie’ and all the questions begin running through your mind. Do I need to buy a new suit? How do I wear my hair? What will everyone else be wearing? What does Black Tie actually mean? It is perfectly normal to react this way, especially if you have never been to a Black Tie event before. We are here to put your mind at rest. Keep reading to find out exactly what Black Tie is and what you should be wearing when you get invited to such a lavish occasion.

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