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Velvet Blazers for Men

Men's Velvet Blazers collection. You get invited to a party or night event but you don't feel you have the right velvet. You will never feel like that again with your new velvet blazer. Make a bold statement. Choose your velvet jacket, soft, smooth and comfortable.

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Custom Jacket

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5 Stylish Party Outfits for Men - What to wear at a Party

Party Season is fast approaching and the gentlemen all over the world want to look polished, sophisticated and well-groomed, don’t they? This year the trends are changing and men want to look more elegant and classy than ever before as their social media profiles await some amazing pictures. Considering this, we have brought a list of 5 types of stylish Party Outfits for Men. 

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Dress Smart for the Office Holiday Party

Dress to impress at your next office holiday party by following these simple guidelines: (Smart) Casual Holiday Party This is a great opportunity to your style. Combine different pieces that shows off your personal style, mixed with more formal parts paired with some relaxed pieces --> you got...

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